My services

My services

My services provide skills and insights that help organizations create sustainable change through engagement.


Central in my work

Central in my work is helping employees and leaders in organizations move to a culture in which people choose to be accountable. Employees make this choice to instill internal skills because they understand and are committed to the purpose and direction of their organization. And they own the role they have in its success.


My way of working

My way of working stands in contrast to change strategies that use methodologies inconsistent with the goals an organization wants to achieve. To avoid such organizational contradictions, I encourage the development of skills in creating a more cohesive environment. One cannot dictate empowerment or expect commitment. Finding new ways of tightening our efforts to “hold” people accountable is not sustainable. Stated simply, I have little faith in creating new systems to hold employees accountable.


Two facets

The first is based on theories and processes underlying systemic theories and the development of (internal) capabilities to partner with operations to achieve business results.

The second  is focused on teaching organizations the (internal) skills that will help them define and achieve results by creating a culture where people choose to be accountable.


Many forms

This work can take many forms (action learning strategic planning, organization development, leadership development, organization re-design, consulting skills), but regardless of the form, the process will include a focus on changing the conversation, engaging with people affected by the work, and finding ways to make the desired changes sustainable.